Sunil Garga ”Sunny” (Advisor)

  • 25+ years of experience in Marketing Analytics
  • Former President of IRI (Global Business & Consumer Insights)
  • Former President of MMA
  • Managed over 1000 brand marketing, media assessment, forecasting engagements
  • 2007 Media Maven award by Ad-Age
  • Sunny is to Market Mix modelling what Steven Speilberg is to movies…
  • Meet him over beer, and by the time you refill, he will know more about you than you know yourself
So What?
  • If your business problem is darn confusing, talk to Sunny!

Sunil Garga
Arvind Nagpal (Research & Organization Strategy)

  • 20+ years of Management experience in building business units ground up
  • Published author of a book on SAP
  • Frequent speaker and host at industry conferences
  • Arvind can structure a global delivery model like a hand in glove
  • He knows how to build value for customers and stakeholders
  • He is our CEO and he is awesome! (You should only write good things about the people who pay your salary;))
So What?
  • Team TEG owes its innovation and client delight culture to Arvind’s mastermind…
Sudhanshu Killedar (Technology & Product Development)

  • 20+ years of a global IT Experience leading engineering teams at Fortune 100 firms
  • Deep expertise in Product & Enterprise Architecture, Agile Development, Scalable Systems
  • Prior Associations: Wal-Mart, P&G, Johnson & Johnson, FedEx, MCI WorldCom, Zyme
  • Extensive experience in building data analytics products and platforms from ground up
  • He believes technology has to be a strong enabler for only 1 end result – solving business problems –better, faster, cheaper!
  • He is an artist too – find him woodworking, woodcarving in his workshop during free time
So What?
  • He has “crafted” (not just built) our technology-backed, data-driven, insights-centric solution, enabling the Art of creating Insights using the science of data!
Arpan Gupta (Marketing & Brand Insights)

  • MBA from IIM Ahmedabad with a background in Physics from IIT Kharagpur
  • Was part of the seed team @ Marketics Inc, the first successful analytics start-up in India
  • Over a decade of experience in Analytics
  • Delivered brand & consumer insights to Fortune 500 CPG & Retail companies through 100+ projects
  • He will help you structure your business problem, data and hypothesis in a way that the insights generation process becomes natural
  • He has an avid interest in cycles that repeat; like all history repeats itself! Repeats itself…
So What?
  • Arpan knows how to weed out noise from the real crux. You can bring Arpan in a situation or discussion that is going in all possible directions. He is an active listener and can process the entire discussion into a few crisp sound bytes that will play in your ears for a long time
Jason Raguso (Advisor)

  • 15+ years of decision sciences and global delivery experience
  • Frequent speaker and author on how companies evolve their analytical capabilities, culture and infrastructure
  • Has worked very closely with executive leaders in the Fortune 100
  • A true world citizen who has visited over 20 countries
  • A constant learner who is incredibly passionate about helping partners gain and apply insights
  • Has an uncanny ability to solve and articulate complex problems in a clear and concise manner
So What?
  • Jason is a passionate client advocate who believes the essence of analytics services centers around transparency, context and ownership. Great analytics services deliver on the promise that we own a client’s problems as if they were our own
Madhu (Advanced Data Sciences)

  • Over 18 years of experience in academic research and analytics
  • Published in high-quality journals
  • Speaker at many academic and industry conferences
  • PhD in Finance, with experience in teaching at top Indian B-schools
  • Passionate about the nuts and bolts of model building
  • Where others see numbers, Madhu sees distributions arranged by lags and matrices ordered by rank. (slightly scary geek music here)
  • An avid reader, with plans to create an engine that will write a book – by itself
So What?
  • Madhu listens carefully to data, interprets statistical gobbledygook and can tune an analytics model engine with a deft touch


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