FUTUREWORKS™ leverages the latest advances in technology to empower the process of generating Insights @ Speed of Business. Big data technology now allows us to provide actionable insights on near real-time data for our clients.

FUTUREWORKS™ is built using a Big Data platform in an exclusive partnership with SAP HANA. It also leverages Hadoop;thus using the best of both paradigms. The key features of the FUTUREWORKS™ platform are:

  • Breadth – Leverages multiple sources at the same time
  • Depth – Interactive, intuitive, drill-down to granular data
  • Speed – Leverages In-Memory Columnar Databases
  • Simplicity – Reduces dependence on ETL, cuts data latency in ETL
  • Real time – Enables real-time queries on real-time data

The platform takes transactional data directly and provides directional insights by layering proprietary algorithms with the in-memory analysis capability in HANA. It also cuts weeks from data refresh cycles by removing cube processing /pre-aggregation. Therefore, our clients now can analyze hundreds of billions of rows in “seconds”, not days!


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