Analytics Area Business Questions
Customer Segmentation
  • Which are the customers that are most likely to do business with us?
  • What are their unfulfilled needs?
  • What makes them value our product/service?
  • What are the key distinguishing characteristics of this strategic group?
WHO Identification
  • What are the strategic customer groups that my brand should pursue based on needs?
  • What specific needs of these prospect groups do my brand/line variants address?
  • What are the specific prospect groups within the overall strategic group?
  • What is cannibalization and growth opportunity that exists
Equity Drivers
  • What are the different equity themes that are valued by my consumers?
  • Which of these equity themes significantly impact purchase decision?
  • Which equity themes are “points of parity” and which ones are “points of differentiation” for my brand vis-à-vis competition and other brands in my portfolio?
Equity Pathways
  • How do the different equity themes impact one another?
  • What is the hierarchy in which the equity themes impact purchase decision?
  • Can I quantify the impact on purchase decision if the equity levers are impacted upon?
Equity Evolution
  • How do different equity themes in a product category evolve over time?
  • Which countries globally are in what stage of equity evolution?
  • How can I specifically position product introductions in a country in line with such evolution timetable?
Portfolio Optimization
  • What equity pathways are used by different brands in my portfolio?
  • What is the cannibalization? Are multiple brands targeting the same equity pathway?
  • How can I differentiate my brand pathway vs. that used by the competition brand?
  • Does my brand follow the same equity pathway globally or are there any deviations?

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