Behind the scenes

We recognize that our clients have fragmented data sources plus data tends to be messy. The FUTUREWORKS™ platform can quickly crunch through large volumes of data and more importantly use advanced algorithms to identify and fix data faults with high level of confidence.


D1giW0rx™ leverages five key building blocks of FUTUREWORKS™ platform:

1. Data Mining
2. Data Transformation
3. Data visualization
4. Statistical Analysis and
5. Scalability


Data is staged in an environment whose computing capabilities can scale based on business needs. At the core is a data mining engine that has several advanced algorithms which the TEG team has developed for solving complex business problems in retail/fashion.


To bring all the pieces together, we have enabled access to the advanced outputs over the web. Thus with ZERO CAPEX in BI infrastructure, D1giW0rx™ can help businesses derive actionable insights, with our team providing support whenever required.

Screenshots & Demo

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