Building a Performance Prediction Tool to Identify Business Leaders for an MLM Giant

What Behavioral Factors Drive Distributors’ Growth and Performance?
Business Question
  • What are the sustainable business practices that distinguish high and low performers in a market?
  • How can potential high performers be identified and nurtured?
  • What factors differentiate distributors’ performance across different markets?
  • TEG identified metrics that are indicative of high performance through rigorous hypothesis testing and validation
  • Actionable insights generated by correlating performance metrics over time and across markets
  • Classification models used to identify the top metrics that distinguish high and low performers within each market
  • Decision trees built to identify thresholds in metrics to trigger tactical course correction
  • Tracking tool allows identification of high potential distributors

Market Insights + Optimised Path to High Performance = Successful Leaders
Adapting to individual market characteristics and nurturing sustainable business practices leads to effective distributor performance.

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