Analytics Area Business Questions
Concept Success Assessment
  • What are the key drivers of successful concept ideas?
  • Are there specific country level differences between these drivers?
  • Can these insights be used to create concept ideas that have high probability of global success?
Promotion Effectiveness
  • What promotions successfully lift sales to create profits?
  • Which category is best promoted at what time of the year?
  • What kind of promotions work well in different categories?
  • What is the lead/lag time in a promotion and how does it impact my inventory optimization efforts
Product Affinity
  • What products initiate cross-buying to increase total category sales?
  • What products constitute the market-basket of my target consumers leading to higher total category profit?
Direct Marketing Optimization
  • Who are the ideal customers for cross-sell & up-sell?
  • What is the ROI of my different campaigns?
  • What is the ideal Offer * Channel * Customer-segment combination in my direct marketing efforts?
Marketing Dashboards
  • How to bring data to life using smart visuals?
  • How to see the most relevant KPIs in a dynamic, interactive dashboard?
Market Mix Optimization
  • Which marketing medium is contributing the most to ROI?
  • How to right allocate marketing spends to optimize results?
  • How does spend on 1 marketing medium (E.g. TV Ad GRPs) impact the efficacy of spend on another marketing medium (E.g. Trade Spends)?


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