Measuring Market Mix Effectiveness for a Casual Fine Dining Restaurant Chain

How Effective is Media and How can be Optimized Across Markets?
Business Question
  • What is the impact of media on sales and on traffic?
  • Does ROI of media tactics vary by DMAs?
  • How can the current media spend be optimized?
  • Which media tactics and markets should be prioritized?
  • How do exogenous factors impact Sales?
  • Contribution of media tactics to sales using fixed effects panel regression at DMA level
  • Media mix optimized by reallocating spends across tactics/ DMA, resulting in increased sales
  • Market segments identified to prioritize media investments
  • Understanding adverse impact of exogenous factors like inflation, seasonal disturbances and spatial metrics on sales and traffic
  • Tableau simulator created for “What-If” scenarios

Optimized Media Spend + Targeted Segments= Lift in Sales
Increased revenue by targeting the right segment with the right media mix at the right time.

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