Analytics Area Business Questions
Demand Elasticity
  • What will be the impact on revenue & profit if we raise / drop price on a particular product?
  • What will be the impact on my revenue & profit if my competitor raises / drops price on his products?
  • What price reduction will need to be made to regain lost market share post a competitive price drop?
Markdown analysis
  • Which products do we need to mark down to incentivize sales increase ? Also , which products should not be marked down?
  • Are marked down products cannibalizing other similar product sales ?
  • Do we have leakage in our markdown strategy i.e. products that have excessive markdowns ?
Tipping Point Analysis
  • At what pricing threshold do the sales substantially increase/decrease?
  • What are the pricing corridors that allow me to operate with a stable market share?
Scenario Analysis
  • How can I model my pricing and sales using my historical data to test future pricing actions and its impact real time?
Incentive Optimization
  • What is the ROI of sales incentive program? Does it add to incremental sales?
  • What are the attributes of a successful incentive?
  • What is the ideal sales target for an incentive to avoid a target too low (unnecessary pay-outs) or a target too high (low participation)?
Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)
  • How to increase sales rep activity?
  • How to increase average bill value?
  • Which products are good candidates for cross-sell?
  • Are the new rep training and on-boarding programs adding any value in terms of incremental sales?
Purchase Propensity
  • Identify the customers that are most likely candidates for cross-sell/Up-sell?
  • Identify customers that are most likely to respond positively to a marketing campaign?
Sales Dashboards
Visually depict sales trends and comparisons across several dimensions:

  • Product categories
  • Geographies
  • Store type
  • Store age
  • Store size

      ….with key comparatives versus:

  • Same period last year for comp stores
  • Same period this year across locations etc.

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