Analytics Area Business Questions
Catchment Area Analysis
  • What is the carrying capacity/ potential of a particular location?
  • Would it be feasible to set up a retail unit , given current & projected competitive presence?
Store Success Drivers
  • Does store size have an impact on store profitability? If yes, what is the ideal store size for a given locality?
  • Would it increase sales if the store was located within a mall rather than on high street, in the same general area?
Assortment Planning
  • What is the ideal SKU mix in a store , in order to maximize sales and optimize inventory cost
Store Segmentation
  • What clusters of stores in my distribution setup operate in a like manner?
  • How to optimize my promotions based on the differences/similarities between my store outlets?
Store Size Optimization
  • What are the parameters that define my choice of store size while opening new stores?
  • What is the optimum size for my stores in different geographical locations?
  • What kind of product line-up is optimal for my different store sizes?
Sell Thru Analysis
  • Which SKUs are moving slowly as compared to plan? Which stores have a larger inventory of slow moving SKUs?
  • What is the ideal inter – store stock transfer matrix , in order to maximize overall sales?
Inventory Optimization
  • What is the ideal amount of inventory to hold for a SKU, to minimize holding cost?

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