TEG starts with an enterprise value chain to help assess macro and micro decision support processes for BFSI organisations

A suite of BFSI analytics solutions are delivered by TEG to help you make better business decisions

A suite of BFSI analytics solutions are delivered by TEG to help you make better business decisions

Sales & Marketing



Prospect Identification

Lead Generation

Customer/Lead Conversion

Customer Activation Analytics

Credit Scoring Models

Customer Segmentation

Customer LTV

Voice of Customer Analytics

Churn Analytics

Cross-sell / Up-sell Analytics


Planning & Operations

Financial Reporting & Analysis

Compliance Reporting

Expense Management

Hedging strategies

Loss Modelling


Claims Management

Interaction & Collection

Probability of Default

Portfolio Analytics

Risk Based Pricing

Portfolio Stress Testing

Fraud Analytics

Collection Strategy Optimization

Collection Queue Optimization for internal Collectors

Collection Propensity Models

Loss Cost Driver Analysis

Claims staffing Optimization

Our expertise

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    Credit Risk
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    Marketing & Portfolio Management
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1. Credit Risk

Analytics Area Business Questions
  • Am I maximizing the approval rates on new applications, while minimizing the bad rates?
  • Is my current Application Score able to identify bads as efficiently as it used to do?
  • My Application Score is developed on my own customer behavior. It comprises of only good customers that I had selected. It misses out on those whom I had rejected, who are also known bads. How do I develop a score that accounts for all bads?
  • Is my Fraud Score effective enough?
Credit Exposure Management
  • What is the line loan amount/credit line I should extend to an application?
  • Am I leveraging my customers appropriately?
  • We do a lot of cross sell to our customers? But our Credit Policies are defined at product level. How do I know if I am over leveraging a customer?
  • Do you need assistance in assessing the risk of externalities on your portfolio and credit losses?

2. Marketing & Portfolio Management

Analytics Area Business Questions
  • How do I optimize the returns from my marketing programs?
  • I have several marketing initiatives competing for the same budget. How do I decide scientifically on which programs to prioritize?
Existing Customer Management
  • How do I increase my portfolio profitability from my existing customers?
  • I do lot of cross-sell programs. How do I know which customer to target with an offering and when?
  • How do I address customer attrition?
  • What is the right offer price I give in my marketing programs to optimize take-up?
  • I would like the price offered to match the Risk profile of a customer!

3. Collections

Analytics Area Business Questions
Collections Analytics
  • How do I prevent customer defaults?
  • Can I fast-track collections on my customers if I know that they are definitely going to go to charge-off?
  • There are customers who are intentionally good. But due to change in credit circumstances, they are not able pay. What do I with them?
  • How do I optimize my collection expenses to bring down cost of collecting a $?
  • How do I allocate targets to my collection team across locations?

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