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Medicare Advantage 2019

Landscape Report: First Glimpse * This report is created on data released by CMS on 28th September 2018. Executive Summary More than 20 million (33%) Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans in 2018, which are offered by Private …


FB Workplace buzzes at TEG

Why FB Workplace – An Ideal Enterprise Networking Platform for Startups? Monica woke up on a Monday morning in her cosy double bed. Already delayed than her usual schedule, she hurriedly got ready, ate her breakfast and rushed for her …


Madalasa Venkataraman (Madhu)

1) How did you get interested in working with data? I think it’s a personality defect. I am sure my parents despaired of me listening to anything without a sound logically constructed argument. I was never one to work on gut …


Retail Demand Forecasting

How to develop an Effective Scientific Retail Demand Forecast? Purpose of the Forecast The ability to effectively forecast demand is critical to the success of a retailer. demand forecasting is especially important in the retail industry because it leads to …


TEG at Cypher 2017

Madalasa Venkataraman, Chief Data Scientist at TEG Analytics, is a researcher at heart and a contrarian by nature. Madhu brings a unique perspective in leveraging the vast knowledge of statistical concepts and analytical techniques to solve complex business problems. A …

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