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Offshore Analytics COE

Offshore Analytics COE – cracking the code What is an ACOE? Increasingly, companies rely on their information systems to provide critical data on their markets, customers and business performance in order to understand what has happened, what is happening – …


Random Forest in Tableau using R

Random Forest in Tableau using R I have been using Tableau for some time to explore and visualize the data in a beautiful and meaningful way. Quite recently, I have learned that there is a way to connect Tableau with …


Digital Marketing

Impact Measurement & Key Performance Indicators What is Digital Marketing? What are its key components? How do we know whether our marketing works? This paper talks about the important KPIs that every marketer should measure, why these are important & …


Text Mining & its Applications

Unearthing the intelligence hidden in free form data Text Mining – What does it add to transaction data Text mining refers to extraction and putting together of textual information into quantitative forms in order to derive information and garner insights …

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