TEG delivers a complete suite of Omni-Channel Strategies & Tactics to help drive revenue, traffic, profitability and loyalty

A suite of Retail and CPG Analytics solutions are delivered by TEG to help you make better business decisions

Our Competitive Advantage – Retail & CPG Analytics solutions

Assess & set direction

The WHERE and the WHO

Customer Segmentation

Creating consumer segments that are Relevant, Meaningful, Actionable & Sufficient.

Market Basket Analysis

Identify products that are profitable combination in the category

Loyalty Analytics

Which consumers are leading category growth? Which customers in your Loyalty group are starting to move out??

Store Level SKU analysis

SKU wise sales/stock for a particular store?

Forecast & Optimize

The WHAT and the HOW

Store Size Optimizer

Identify the optimum size for a new store to maximize sales, across High street/Mall locations

Sales Forecast Models

Predict the sales in future based on the past trend/seasonality etc.

Promotions Lift simulation

What is the incremental impact expected by changing my promotion campaigns?

Replenishment Planning

Replenishment required for inter store movement at a SKU level

Track and review

Provide interactivity, bring data to life

Sales & Sell Through Analysis

Reports and Drill downs by Category, Gender, Sourcing, Sillhouette,Product Type

End of Season Sales/Markdown

Fresh/Discounted sales at the door level.Gain foresight into which markdowns are working and which are not

Digital Marketing Data Reporting

Integrate 16 different digital data sources to create unified view for decision making

Price Elasticity Analysis

Gain Foresight into how demand for products varies in-line with price changes

Advanced Analytics
Hosted Analytics
Custom Analytics

Our expertise

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      Brand & Consumer


    • 2

      Pricing & Sales


    • 3

      Marketing Promotions


  • 4

    Retail operations

1. Brand & Consumer

Analytics Area Business Questions
Customer Segmentation
    • Which are the customers that are most likely to do business with us?


    • What are their unfulfilled needs?


    • What makes them value our product/service?


  • What are the key distinguishing characteristics of this strategic group?
WHO Identification
    • What are the strategic customer groups that my brand should pursue based on needs?


    • What specific needs of these prospect groups do my brand/line variants address?


    • What are the specific prospect groups within the overall strategic group?


  • What is cannibalization and growth opportunity that exists
Equity Drivers
    • What are the different equity themes that are valued by my consumers?


    • Which of these equity themes significantly impact purchase decision?


  • Which equity themes are “points of parity” and which ones are “points of differentiation” for my brand vis-à-vis competition and other brands in my portfolio?
Equity Pathways
    • How do the different equity themes impact one another?


    • What is the hierarchy in which the equity themes impact purchase decision?


  • Can I quantify the impact on purchase decision if the equity levers are impacted upon?
Equity Evolution
    • How do different equity themes in a product category evolve over time?


    • Which countries globally are in what stage of equity evolution?


  • How can I specifically position product introductions in a country in line with such evolution timetable?
Portfolio Optimization
    • What equity pathways are used by different brands in my portfolio?


    • What is the cannibalization? Are multiple brands targeting the same equity pathway?


    • How can I differentiate my brand pathway vs. that used by the competition brand?


  • Does my brand follow the same equity pathway globally or are there any deviations?

2. Pricing & Sales

Analytics Area Business Questions
Demand Elasticity
    • What will be the impact on revenue & profit if we raise / drop price on a particular product?


    • What will be the impact on my revenue & profit if my competitor raises / drops price on his products?


  • What price reduction will need to be made to regain lost market share post a competitive price drop?
Markdown analysis
    • Which products do we need to mark down to incentivize sales increase ? Also , which products should not be marked down?


    • Are marked down products cannibalizing other similar product sales ?


  • Do we have leakage in our markdown strategy i.e. products that have excessive markdowns ?
Tipping Point Analysis
    • At what pricing threshold do the sales substantially increase/decrease?


  • What are the pricing corridors that allow me to operate with a stable market share?
Scenario Analysis
  • How can I model my pricing and sales using my historical data to test future pricing actions and its impact real time?
Incentive Optimization
    • What is the ROI of sales incentive program? Does it add to incremental sales?


    • What are the attributes of a successful incentive?


  • What is the ideal sales target for an incentive to avoid a target too low (unnecessary pay-outs) or a target too high (low participation)?
Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)
    • How to increase sales rep activity?


    • How to increase average bill value?


    • Which products are good candidates for cross-sell?


  • Are the new rep training and on-boarding programs adding any value in terms of incremental sales?
Purchase Propensity
    • Identify the customers that are most likely candidates for cross-sell/Up-sell?


  • Identify customers that are most likely to respond positively to a marketing campaign?
Sales Dashboards
Visually depict sales trends and comparisons across several dimensions:

    • Product categories


    • Geographies


    • Store type


    • Store age


  • Store size

….with key comparatives versus:

    • Same period last year for comp stores


  • Same period this year across locations etc.

3. Marketing Promotions

Analytics Area Business Questions
Concept Success Assessment
    • What are the key drivers of successful concept ideas?


    • Are there specific country level differences between these drivers?


  • Can these insights be used to create concept ideas that have high probability of global success?
Promotion Effectiveness
    • What promotions successfully lift sales to create profits?


    • Which category is best promoted at what time of the year?


    • What kind of promotions work well in different categories?


  • What is the lead/lag time in a promotion and how does it impact my inventory optimization efforts
Product Affinity
    • What products initiate cross-buying to increase total category sales?


  • What products constitute the market-basket of my target consumers leading to higher total category profit?
Direct Marketing Optimization
    • Who are the ideal customers for cross-sell & up-sell?


    • What is the ROI of my different campaigns?


  • What is the ideal Offer * Channel * Customer-segment combination in my direct marketing efforts?
Marketing Dashboards
    • How to bring data to life using smart visuals?


  • How to see the most relevant KPIs in a dynamic, interactive dashboard?
Market Mix Optimization
    • Which marketing medium is contributing the most to ROI?


    • How to right allocate marketing spends to optimize results?


  • How does spend on 1 marketing medium (E.g. TV Ad GRPs) impact the efficacy of spend on another marketing medium (E.g. Trade Spends)?

4. Retail operations

Analytics Area Business Questions
Catchment Area Analysis
    • What is the carrying capacity/ potential of a particular location?


  • Would it be feasible to set up a retail unit , given current & projected competitive presence?
Store Success Drivers
    • Does store size have an impact on store profitability? If yes, what is the ideal store size for a given locality?


  • Would it increase sales if the store was located within a mall rather than on high street, in the same general area?
Assortment Planning
  • What is the ideal SKU mix in a store , in order to maximize sales and optimize inventory cost
Store Segmentation
    • What clusters of stores in my distribution setup operate in a like manner?


  • How to optimize my promotions based on the differences/similarities between my store outlets?
Store Size Optimization
    • What are the parameters that define my choice of store size while opening new stores?


    • What is the optimum size for my stores in different geographical locations?


  • What kind of product line-up is optimal for my different store sizes?
Sell Thru Analysis
    • Which SKUs are moving slowly as compared to plan? Which stores have a larger inventory of slow moving SKUs?


  • What is the ideal inter – store stock transfer matrix , in order to maximize overall sales?
Inventory Optimization
  • What is the ideal amount of inventory to hold for a SKU, to minimize holding cost?

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