Retail Energy Analytics

Empowering Energy Players with a suite of Analytics based tools

TEG facilitates Retail Energy Suppliers and Utilities to be competent and to adapt to industry dynamics well in time and maintain the competitive edge.

Energy Sector Offerings


Market Analysis

Assess demographics data such as consumption, housing units, competitors etc.

Acquisition mode Analysis

Region-wise analysis of channel performance to understand regional preferences.

Operational Measures

Devise metrics to drive efficiency through automation and lean practices.

Competition Tracking

Determine market standing of competitors to compete with top plans.

Customer Retention Analysis

Region specific retention trend tracking in addition to channel/plan level breakdown .

Customer Profiling

Bucketing customer base to identify most profitable to least profitable cohorts.

Customer Acquisition Analysis

Provides consolidated view of acquisition trends over the time and helps in drilling down.

Churn Analysis

Channel-into-Plan survival curves along with Customer lifetime value (CLTV) analysis.


Identifying cohort preferences and predicting customer behavior.

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1. Marketing

Analytics Area Business Questions
  • What is the current Retail Energy competitive landscape in terms of daily and Weekly/Monthly pricing ?
  • Which are my best channels to acquire customers from in each state?
  • Which are the more profitable markets to make foray into for acquisition?
  • What is the Life time Value of my customers segments?

2. Product

Analytics Area Business Questions
  • What are my best performing Plans based upon revenue generated?
  • What are the customer segments who can absorb price variability on given plans?
  • What is the variability of preferred plans across different regions?
  • What is the Churn Rate and Payback Time across plans?

3. Operations

Analytics Area Business Questions
  • How to drive efficiency by automating current processes?
  • How to leverage the power of Analytics to drive down customer acquisition cost?
  • How to predict consumption based upon past trends and use it for hedging in Energy Markets?
  • Which Energy market provide the most competitive price to acquire energy?

4. Personalization

Analytics Area Business Questions
  • How to measure the effectiveness of media or the campaigns run for acquisition?
  • How to cut-short on marketing spend by carrying out targeted campaigns?
  • How to meet customer expectations by offering customized advice to optimize energy consumption?
  • What are different drivers impacting plan enrolments?

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