TEG Analytics is not a market research company.
We build partnerships with research agencies to create insights using their data….
TEG Analytics is not just a technology company.
We invest heavily in technology to “enable” the insights discovery process...
TEG Analytics is not just a data warehouse company.
We are experts in discovering actionable insights from petabytes of data sitting in data warehouses…
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Our Services


TEG delivers a complete suite of omni-channel strategies and tactics to help drive revenue, traffic, profitability, and loyalty


TEG solution helps payors predict in-market performance within 5 business days from release of plans by CMS


Our expertise helps assess macro and micro decision support processes for BFSI clients

Our expertise

Our expertise stems from a combination of our global perspective, domain & industry knowledge, statistical thought leadership and a passion for telling stories. We constantly endeavour to be experts in all the drivers that enable the process of generating [email protected] of business. In the pursuit of answering the business questions of our Fortune 500 clients, we have developed various solutions that tell insightful stories….

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    Brand & Consumer
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    Pricing & Sales
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    Marketing Promotions
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    Retail Operations
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    Risk & Collections
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    Fiscal Organisation

1. Brand & Consumer

Analytics Area Business Questions
Customer Segmentation
  • Which are the customers that are most likely to do business with us?
  • What are their unfulfilled needs?
  • What makes them value our product/service?
  • What are the key distinguishing characteristics of this strategic group?
WHO Identification
  • What are the strategic customer groups that my brand should pursue based on needs?
  • What specific needs of these prospect groups do my brand/line variants address?
  • What are the specific prospect groups within the overall strategic group?
  • What is cannibalization and growth opportunity that exists
Equity Drivers
  • What are the different equity themes that are valued by my consumers?
  • Which of these equity themes significantly impact purchase decision?
  • Which equity themes are “points of parity” and which ones are “points of differentiation” for my brand vis-à-vis competition and other brands in my portfolio?
Equity Pathways
  • How do the different equity themes impact one another?
  • What is the hierarchy in which the equity themes impact purchase decision?
  • Can I quantify the impact on purchase decision if the equity levers are impacted upon?
Equity Evolution
  • How do different equity themes in a product category evolve over time?
  • Which countries globally are in what stage of equity evolution?
  • How can I specifically position product introductions in a country in line with such evolution timetable?
Portfolio Optimization
  • What equity pathways are used by different brands in my portfolio?
  • What is the cannibalization? Are multiple brands targeting the same equity pathway?
  • How can I differentiate my brand pathway vs. that used by the competition brand?
  • Does my brand follow the same equity pathway globally or are there any deviations?

2. Pricing & Sales

Analytics Area Business Questions
Demand Elasticity
  • What will be the impact on revenue & profit if we raise / drop price on a particular product?
  • What will be the impact on my revenue & profit if my competitor raises / drops price on his products?
  • What price reduction will need to be made to regain lost market share post a competitive price drop?
Markdown analysis
  • Which products do we need to mark down to incentivize sales increase ? Also , which products should not be marked down?
  • Are marked down products cannibalizing other similar product sales ?
  • Do we have leakage in our markdown strategy i.e. products that have excessive markdowns ?
Tipping Point Analysis
  • At what pricing threshold do the sales substantially increase/decrease?
  • What are the pricing corridors that allow me to operate with a stable market share?
Scenario Analysis
  • How can I model my pricing and sales using my historical data to test future pricing actions and its impact real time?
Incentive Optimization
  • What is the ROI of sales incentive program? Does it add to incremental sales?
  • What are the attributes of a successful incentive?
  • What is the ideal sales target for an incentive to avoid a target too low (unnecessary pay-outs) or a target too high (low participation)?
Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)
  • How to increase sales rep activity?
  • How to increase average bill value?
  • Which products are good candidates for cross-sell?
  • Are the new rep training and on-boarding programs adding any value in terms of incremental sales?
Purchase Propensity
  • Identify the customers that are most likely candidates for cross-sell/Up-sell?
  • Identify customers that are most likely to respond positively to a marketing campaign?
Sales Dashboards
  • Product categories
  • Geographies
  • Store type
  • Store age
  • Store size
  • Same period last year for comp stores
  • Same period this year across locations etc.

3. Marketing Promotions

Analytics Area Business Questions
Concept Success Assessment
  • What are the key drivers of successful concept ideas?
  • Are there specific country level differences between these drivers?
  • Can these insights be used to create concept ideas that have high probability of global success?
Promotion Effectiveness
  • What promotions successfully lift sales to create profits?
  • Which category is best promoted at what time of the year?
  • What kind of promotions work well in different categories?
  • What is the lead/lag time in a promotion and how does it impact my inventory optimization efforts
Product Affinity
  • What products initiate cross-buying to increase total category sales?
  • What products constitute the market-basket of my target consumers leading to higher total category profit?
Direct Marketing Optimization
  • Who are the ideal customers for cross-sell & up-sell?
  • What is the ROI of my different campaigns?
  • What is the ideal Offer * Channel * Customer-segment combination in my direct marketing efforts?
Marketing Dashboards
  • How to bring data to life using smart visuals?
  • How to see the most relevant KPIs in a dynamic, interactive dashboard?
Market Mix Optimization
  • Which marketing medium is contributing the most to ROI?
  • How to right allocate marketing spends to optimize results?
  • How does spend on 1 marketing medium (E.g. TV Ad GRPs) impact the efficacy of spend on another marketing medium (E.g. Trade Spends)?

4. Retail Operations

Analytics Area Business Questions
Catchment Area Analysis
  • What is the carrying capacity/ potential of a particular location?
  • Would it be feasible to set up a retail unit , given current & projected competitive presence?
Store Success Drivers
  • Does store size have an impact on store profitability? If yes, what is the ideal store size for a given locality?
  • Would it increase sales if the store was located within a mall rather than on high street, in the same general area?
Assortment Planning
  • What is the ideal SKU mix in a store , in order to maximize sales and optimize inventory cost
Store Segmentation
  • What clusters of stores in my distribution setup operate in a like manner?
  • How to optimize my promotions based on the differences/similarities between my store outlets?
Store Size Optimization
  • What are the parameters that define my choice of store size while opening new stores?
  • What is the optimum size for my stores in different geographical locations?
  • What kind of product line-up is optimal for my different store sizes?
Sell Thru Analysis
  • Which SKUs are moving slowly as compared to plan? Which stores have a larger inventory of slow moving SKUs?
  • What is the ideal inter – store stock transfer matrix , in order to maximize overall sales?
Inventory Optimization
  • What is the ideal amount of inventory to hold for a SKU, to minimize holding cost?

5. Risk & Collections

Analytics Area Business Questions
Risk Mitigation
  • How to identify potential defaulters from a list of applicants for a secured / unsecured loan?
  • How to create risk buckets & assign all applicants to the appropriate bucket?
  • How to price the loan and initiate portfolio management activities (e.g. line decrease, grace period reduction etc.) based on the above identification?
Collection Analysis
  • Which accounts should we attempt to collect internally, and which should be outsourced to an agency?
  • What will be my monthly roll-rate?
  • What is the probability of each of my accounts in collections to settle all dues?

6. Payors/Insurers

Analytics Area Business Questions
  • What are the important product attributes driving enrollments of the insurance plans?
  • What percentage of the performance is impacted by the changes in product attributes from the previous year?
  • What are the common characteristics of top gaining/ losing plans in a market?
  • How can one profile exceptional plans in a market?
  • What attributes do the customers prefer?
  • What are the important product attributes driving enrollments of the insurance products?
  • What is the elasticity associated to each of the product attributes in a market?
  • What kind of product changes could be anticipated from the competitors in a market?
  • How does one’s marketing activities drive enrollments of the insurance plans?
  • How effective and efficient are one’s marketing activities in a market?
  • How does marketing interplay with the product attributes in driving the enrollments in a market?
  • Which marketing medium is contributing the most to the ROI?
  • How does one optimize the marketing spend across the multiple marketing channels?
  • How can one simulate various ‘what-if’ marketing spend scenarios and observe various outcomes before investing in a market?
  • What is the effectiveness of the Direct & Digital mailing companies?
  • What is the cost of acquisition of a new member? How does this vary across demographic factors?
  • Which regions should one target more to get more conversions?
  • What sort of products, packages and creatives are well received by the prospects?
  • How should one message the product in a digital or direct mailer?

7. Providers

Analytics Area Business Questions
  • How can one segment the patients based on the demographics?
  • How can a provider utilize the above information to better staff and provide efficient facilities?
  • How should one collaborate with the insurance plans based on the demographic requirements of patients in the region?
  • How can one identify profitable divisions and locations for medical facilities across geographies?
  • How does one provider’s facilities compete with the competitor networks?
  • How can a provider have access to patients’ past medical records?
  • How can one have easy access to patient claims data?
  • Which marketing medium is contributing the most to the ROI?
  • How does one optimize the marketing spend across the multiple marketing channels?
  • How can one simulate various ‘what-if’ marketing spend scenarios and observe various outcomes before investing in a market?

8. Fiscal Organisation

Analytics Area Business Questions
Claims Settlement Analysis
  • How can one detect fraudulent claims using business rules and statistical analytics?
  • How can one optimize the Claims processes that includes activity optimization, payments optimization, etc.?
  • How can one develop a fraud-propensity score using the existing transactional data?
  • How can an insurer predict and identify the fraud activities before it impacts the business?
Fraud, Waste & Abuse (FWA)
  • How can one leverage the existing data to discover previously unknown fraud schemes?
  • Can one differentiate between the opportunistic fraud and the professional fraud?
  • How can one develop a fraud-propensity score using the existing transactional data?
  • How can an insurer predict and identify the fraud activities before it impacts the business?

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