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futureworks TM

If businesses knew all the questions they will ever need to answer, the IT department could build a “system” that meets their requirements. Unfortunately, most often IT and business teams do not share the same perspective!

TEG partnered with business users in different industries and conceived, designed and built our proprietary FUTUREWORKS™ platform. It is a hassle-free Hosted Analytics solution that caters to the needs of business users. It allows them to focus on deriving actionable insights from information without having to worry about the rest. All TEG products also leverage this platform; and along with advanced 4th generation analytics, help you to outsmart your competition.

behind the scenes

FUTUREWORKS™ leverages the latest advances in technology to empower the process of generating Insights @ Speed of Business. Big data technology now allows us to provide actionable insights on near real-time data for our clients.

FUTUREWORKS™ is built using a Big Data platform in an exclusive partnership with Spark. It also leverages Hadoop;thus using the best of both paradigms. The key features of the FUTUREWORKS™ platform are:

  • Breadth – Leverages multiple sources at the same time
  • Depth – Interactive, intuitive, drill-down to granular data
  • Speed – Leverages In-Memory Columnar Databases
  • Simplicity – Reduces dependence on ETL, cuts data latency in ETL
  • Real time – Enables real-time queries on real-time data

The platform takes transactional data directly and provides directional insights by layering proprietary algorithms with the in-memory analysis capability in Spark. It also cuts weeks from data refresh cycles by removing cube processing /pre-aggregation. Therefore, our clients now can analyze hundreds of billions of rows in “seconds”, not days!


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