Ongoing Governance of the Relationship

TEG Global Delivery Model

TEG brings together a community of highly skilled analysts and supporting functions, to engage in complex problem solving vis-à-vis analytics challenges facing our clients. We initiate the engagement for setting up a Global Center of Excellence in Analytics for our clients using a 3-step process –

Phase 1

TEG business domain consultants engage with client team to understand the data structures, business processes and existing analytical outputs of the client. The team creates business process documents, data understanding documents and transition plan in consultation with the client.

Phase 2

TEG team and  client team work in parallel on all activities. This phase is used by the TEG team to demonstrate that the knowledge transfer that happened in Phase I has been done properly and the learnings are being applied properly.

Phase 3

At this point TEG team has taken the lead execution role in all analytics processes. The client team now plays a governance role as mentioned below.

Building Blocks of a Successful Global Delivery Engagement

Ongoing Governance of the Relationship

At TEG we recommend a 3 tier governance structure as described in the figure below for all ACOE relationships:

  1. The execution level relationship between analysts on both sides that takes decisions on the day to day deliverable.
  2. The Project Manager – Client Team lead level relationship that works to provide prioritization and resolve any execution issues, and
  3. Client Sponsor – Consultant Senior management level relationship that works on relationship issues , contractual matters & account expansion etc.
TEG has successfully deployed its Global Delivery model with clients across a variety of industries to beef up their analytical capabilities. The critical success factors in this synergistic relationship are:
  1. Well defined scope of services for the TEG team.
  2. Strong business understanding of client processes by the TEG team,
  3. Tight adherence to business and communication processes by both parties, and
  4. Strong governance at multiple levels

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