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Medicare advantage poses a challenge to carriers trying to expand their market share due to decline of probable switchers to 10%. With an increasingly stable market dynamic, introduction of OEP, plans competing fiercely on benefits and drug coverage – the dynamics require organizations to be agile with their decision making.

HealthWorks™, a self-service visual healthcare analytics solution, coupled with machine learning algorithms and publicly available data from the CMS, are helping healthcare payers forecast in-market performance within five business days from release of plans. These insights help firms identify the top attributes that lead to plan competitiveness, design better products by simulating plan attribute levels and align marketing strategy with the reality of the marketplace.


Market Intelligence

  • What is the consolidated view of the Medicare Market health and market indicators?

  • What are the defining trends over the past several years for populating growth, health, and socio economic status?

  • What is the current Medicare competitive landscape in terms of enrollments and penetration over time?

  • What is the impact of a new player entering/exiting the market?

  • How do I plan my next AEP growth?

product Intelligence

  • What product features are driving enrollment in a given market?

  • What is the impact of changes to price, benefit, supplemental benefits, and formulary to enrollments?

  • What are the characteristics of winning plans?

  • How do my plans compare with my competitor plans?

  • How does my plan rank if cost/benefits are changed?

  • What is the best combination of benefits that ranks my plan higher?

  • How is your provider market compared to your competitors?

Sales Intelligence

  • What are the drivers of enrollment in a given county?

  • What are the predicted enrollments in a specific market?

  • How do i identify look-alikes in my prospect database to generate high CLTV?

  • What is the contribution of marketing vs product features to enrollments?

  • How is the Medicare Competitive Landscape post AEP?

  • What are the opportunity areas?

Access to Medicare data

  • Get access to all consolidated data in Healthcare Analytics from every platform used behind the scenes

TEG’s HealthWorks, an analytics solutions powered by Tableau and publicly available HealthCare data

Helps Payors predict in-market performance within five business days from the release of plans by CMS

behind the scenes

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