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intellMix TM

With increasing competitive pressure and a dynamic macro-economic context, Analytics and Marketing professionals today face the twin challenges of reduced budget constraints as well as increased ROI and effectiveness targets. However, obstacles such as unprecedented scale of data, tedious and manual processes, and a greater number of stakeholders to work with, are getting in the way.

intellMix is a platform that helps Marketers and Analytics professionals deal with these challenges by bringing together Tech, Machine Learning and Story Telling capabilities.

intellMix leverages automation and orchestrated work flows to drive faster insights. Machine Learning is deployed to deal with changing data sources and schemas, and to prevent errors and restatements. Finally state of the art simulation and planning coupled with intuitive story based dashboards make insights pragmatic and easy to consume.

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WHAT IS intellMix?

TEG’s webinar showcasing intellMix’s capabilities and Impact.

Learn how to turbocharge your MMM program by integrating intellMix. intellMix’s Automation and Orchestration capabilities coupled with Simulation and Optimization tools, help you do more with your MMM program while lowering cost.

IMPACT OF intellMix

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