Over centuries of human existence, while science interpreted the human mind (logic); art understood human emotions.

Analytics is the “science” of understanding data and the “art” of interpreting what it has to say.

Why we exist?

We exist because we believe that data, and the insights hidden in it is the next frontier for competitive advantage…

Today Analytics is disruptive because:

Proliferation of technology

With the proliferation of technology, all businesses now have the potential to access valuable data about their business/consumer

Advanced statistics

True Analytics, defined by advanced statistical principles, allows you to analyse this data at high computing speeds to discover patterns and insights

Business drivers

Since both human logic and human emotion drive behavior; we analyze both to uncover the inevitable, repeatable business cycles that they create

Over centuries of human existence, while science interpreted the human mind (logic); art understood human emotions

Our vision

TEG envisions a world where businesses can respond real-time to the needs of their business. And such responses require insights that are generated as fast as (or faster) the rate of change in your business environment.

TEG helps you achieve that by doing away with archaic methods of collecting, transforming and analysing data – because these take time – time that you do not have! TEG uses sophisticated & automated data harmonizers, efficient big data systems (in partnership with SAP HANA), advanced statistical knowledge and intensive business domain experience to create Insights@Speed of Business!

Our values

Deliver with Excellence

  • Aim for excellence every time.

  • Create a high performance team culture

  • Deliver with excellence and demand excellence

Speed of Execution

  • A habit of being “ASAP” driven(and not deadline driven) in every aspect of our work

Customer Centercity

  • Achieve client delight on a repeatable basis

  • Successfully build ‘rapport’ with the client and becomes the clients ‘trusted advisor’

Think Proporationate Value

  • Think outside the box

  • Take new ideas to completion

  • Do lot more with lot less

Entrepreneurial Spirit

  • See every obstacle as an opportunity

  • Relentless focus on achieving our goals

  • Do not hesitate in taking risks.

Deliver with Excellence

Speed of Execution

Entrepreneurial spirit

living our values

Analytics professionals at TEG create insights from data; and then craft a story based on those insights – a story that brings your data to life!

So, we decided to talk about our values through wonderful stories; ones that give meaning to our values. We strive to live these reel-life values in real-life…