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Madalasa Venkataraman, Chief Data Scientist at TEG Analytics, is a researcher at heart and a contrarian by nature. Madhu brings a unique perspective in leveraging the vast knowledge of statistical concepts and analytical techniques to solve complex business problems. A Fellow from IIM Bangalore, she has worked in academia and corporate sector. Madhu drives the culture of innovation at TEG and encourages the team to challenge status quo. She is often seen huddling with project teams to develop solutions through brainstorming and whiteboarding.

Madhu has 18+ years of experience across marketing, finance insurance, and urban governance. Her area of interest and involvement at TEG include: marketing mix models, semantic/text analytics, recommender systems, forecasting, fraud analytics and pricing analytics. Madhu is also an avid columnist, her publications are frequently seen in academic and policy journals.

Given that TEG has immense expertise in Sales and Marketing Analytics, Madhu is speaking at Cypher 2017 on how Big Data and AI in Sales and Marketing Analytics are driving micro-segmentation and personalized campaigns.

As companies learn to process the flood of data from all sides, traditional models of marketing are slowly giving way to smarter, niche strategies. Firms are using big data analytics to uncover highly profitable niche segments, changing their channel management strategy and sales plays. While Big data helps in identifying these micro-segmentation layers, AI is used to personalize their campaign efforts to reach out to this targeted audience.

Look forward to seeing you at the conference on 21st September from 11.20 – 12.15 pm. Feel free to reach out to us for more details.

Who should attend: Aimed at “geeks” who are interested in AI – Big Data, “suits” who are trying to understand its implications on sales and marketing, and “Genies” as we like to call them – combination of both profiles, will reap most benefits from this session.

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