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18 Oct, 2018
Practical Experience Is Key
Sheeba Rajam speaks on the trends in analytics and the hiring scenario ….
12 Jan, 2018
Madalasa Venkataraman
Madalasa talked about how traditional models of marketing…
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19 Oct, 2017
Get the business edge with Analyst
To get the business edge with Analyst and decide what is best for your company…
16 Oct, 2017
Performance pointers
Retail and Consumer goods Companies Run multiple campaigns, promotions…
15 Oct, 2017
The Medicare Annual Election Period (AEP), which runs from October 15 to December 7 each year, presents a promising…
12 Sep, 2017
Betting big on BIG DATA
The story of a startup which works with brands to analyse impact and suggest …
14 Feb, 2017
Data analytics helping retail outlets
Stock-outs are the bane for any retail business since they are costly and result…
12 Jan, 2017
Recruiter flow build a talent pool
Recruitment for many companies is not transactional, but about building relationships, especially in the West…
07 Mar, 2014
Voice of Customer Analytics – A Deep Dive
Voice of customer surveys are increasingly used across the world. There are smart software vendors that have created…
03 Mar, 2014
Business Standard
You don’t like a helicopter salesperson, but you like to be addressed by name when you enter your favourite
01 Jan, 2014
Analyse this
Are you a person who likes to make sense out of large amount of data? Are you good with complicated…
30 Nov, 2013
10 Boutique Analytics Firms
With Analytics being the hottest area of growth, we see a lot of …
30 Oct, 2012
Digital Marketing – Impact Measurement
Digital advertising is increasing in importance, even for heavy users of traditional media like CPG firms…