UnleashEnergy™ is a suite of analytical services catering specifically to De-regulated Energy market players. It assists Retail Energy Suppliers and Utilities alike to undertake analytics-based approach for various stages of value chain. The product works on a mix of both publicly available data and organisation’s internal data.


Customers acquired through various modes are assessed for their propensity to attrite by Channel of Acquisition.


We cater to below 4 broad segments to enable organisations to leverage analytics and establish a competitive edge in the market.

Market Intelligence

We have developed a web-scraping tool which gets us zipcode level plan details offered by various competitors operating in that market. In addition to it we gather publicly available data of annual consumption trend, number of housing units, Median Income Levels, number of competitors of various geographies.It helps in an overall study of the territory and for the energy players to devise their market entry strategies.

Customer Acquisition

This is built on an organization’s internal customer level data. We bring together into one view various metrics around acquisition which helps the higher management to understand and take away key action items out of it.
The dashboard comprises of weekly/monthly/yearly view of acquisition trends across different geographies under the organization’s ambit. It also highlights the best performing state in terms of customers acquired, the best channel to acquire from among others. It also showcases a visual comparison on Cost-to-acquire v/s revenue v/s acquisitions made which assists management to continuously improve their acquisition strategy.

Customer Retention

Followed by acquisition, the next dashboard focusses on retention stats at geography and channel level. We have incorporated a model-based churn/survival curves which is vital in assessing the channel effectiveness for an organization. It is complemented by Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) calculation in its backend to have a better assessment of channel performance.
Further to it, operational metrics are appended to track TAT of processes and drive efficiency.

Customer Scorecard

Existing customer base is evaluated on multiple parameters and bucketed into various cohorts highlighting most valuable to least valuable segment.
These cohorts are then mapped onto territory and channels among other factors to identify cohort preferences. These insights are then used to drive personalized communication and new plan offerings to the customers.
It enables the organization to define personas of customer and drive personalization at their end to provide better customer experience and thereby improve the bottom line.

behind the scenes

TEG can integrate, organize, simulate, predict and visualize the data using Tableau/Si Sense/Qlik.

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